Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You used to have a Tension Chart on your webstie, what happened to it?

A: It is now a completly dynamic tension calculator based on the scale length you enter.  It can be found in the footer section of the website - or you can CLICK HERE to go directly to the tension calculator

Q: How do your new Steel strings sound compared to your original Hybrid strings?

A: I would write up a big long answer for you, but our friend Kirk Harris has put together an amazing video here, that not only explains in words, but in sound!  Check it out, and let Kirk know how awesome he is!

Q: You changed your SKU's when you changed websites, now I cant find my stuff.  What gives?

A: When we decided to start adding product lines to our store, we noticed that our current SKU system was not going to least not well, so we shifted some things around a bit to accommodate the new materials, new scale lengths, and new tensions.  So here is a brief explanation of the new SKU's:

Bass: [Instrument] [Material] - [Gauge of lowest String] - [String Count] [Tension] [Scale Length]

Guitar: [Instrument] [Striung Count] [Material] - [Gauge of highest string] - [Gauge of lowest String] - [Top side tension]

Bass Example:

/ B = Bass
|    / H = Hybrid 
|    |       / 130 = gauge of lowest string 
|    |       |     / 6 = 6 string 
|    |       |     |   / B = Balanced 
|    |       |     |   |   / S = Standard Scale
|    |       |     |   |   | 
v   v      v    v  v  v 

Guitar Example:

/ G = Guitar
|    / 6 = 6 String 
|    |   / H = Hybrid
|    |   |        / 095 = .0095 highest string
|    |   |        |        / 47 = .047 lowest string 
|    |   |        |        |       / XT = Extra Light Top - this will be empty on standard balanced sets
|    |   |        |        |       | 
v   v  v       v       v      v 


Q: Will the larger strings fit in my guitar tuner? or will I have to drill the tuner out?

A: Well that depends on 2 things, the gauge of the string and the manufacturer of the tuner.  But in most cases, anything over a 0.082" (or as low as an 0.072" on some manufacturers) on guitar will require modification of the tuner.  We recommend you take it to a local shop/luthier and have it done (for them this is a standard procedure), or if you DO feel comfortable doing it yourself you can - and here is the Kalium Strings disclaimer... we are not responsible if you break your stuff doing this modification yourself. :)

Q: Can I use your strings on a "through body" guitar?

A: Well another yes/no answer.  All of our strings up to about .098 work fine because there is no taper at the ball end, however that does not mean it will fi through the holes in your guitar.  Anything OVER that has a taper at both ends, so these will NOT work on through body because you would end up with the full wrap on your bridge saddle and that is not recommended (and more than likely they wont fit through the holes in your guitar anyway).  This also rings true with bass guitars, anything with a taper will put the full thickness of the string on the bridge saddle, and again that is not recommended.

If you have any suggestions for FAQ's please email techsupport at kaliummusic dot com